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The Evaluation of Digital Work

This is an ongoing project, first initiated by the MLA Committee on Information Technology (CIT) in 2009 as a way for the academic community to develop, gather, and share materials about the evaluation of work in digital media and digital humanities, for purposes of tenure and promotion. It builds on materials initially written and hosted by former CIT member Geoffrey Rockwell (ca. 2005-2008), and was later housed as a stand-alone wiki by the MLA. It will be ported to the MLA Commons in 2014.

Disclaimer: This wiki is an online collaboration among individuals and groups working to develop a common resource for the profession. As such, it does not represent the official positions of the Modern Language Association. The structure of the project allows any MLA Commons member to alter its content.


  • Types of Digital Work - A list of types of academic digital work with thoughts as to how they might be presented for evaluation and how they might then be evaluated.
  • Stories - A collection of fictional and real cases with suggestions as to how these cases might be prepared and evaluated.
  • To Do is a list of things to do to improve this wiki.
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